Do you know the copper cable categories?

Most persons I ask do not have an idea what are the copper cable categories. Simple reason is because they do not deal with technology or computers. They do have their gadgets but they do not care much about things like copper cable. But having knowledge about this will not give any harm. It may help you in the future so we will let you know some things about these kinds of cables. It may seem hard to understand but we will try to explain in simple terms not in technical way.

In fixing wiring or distributing wiring you should use horizontal wiring like UTP, STP and FTP kind of cable that are categorized as follows. First is Cat.3 that is use for frequencies that reaches up to 16MHz.  It is commonly used in Ethernet with 10 Mbit/s that uses TVHV type of cable.

Next is Cat.5e that is being use for Ethernet networks with 100 Mbit/s. then here comes Cat.6 that overcomes more than twice the previous category and is good to be use in Ethernet networks with that reaches gigabit. Through the help of this private company, the solution to every crime will surely be lessen. Check this hyperlink and look upon the best investigators. Their main goal and mission is to help you out in any cases of security protection and more.

Cat.6a is twice more than the previous category, 6, that is very good for 10 gigabytes networks. Next is the Cat.7 and Cat.7a. These names are still informal pertaining to the 11801 class for networks that reaches up to 600 MHz and 1000 MHz specifically like this debt collecting company service, check over here 討債. This is easier to understand to some than this articles content.