How much do you know about Internetwork?

There are many terms in use in technology, computer or about internet topics that is well known and common to students of Information technology and workers in this area but it may seem difficult to those who do not have experience and background about technology and internet. This article is written to guide you basically and then you can browse more articles in this website to discover more about the world of internet. Then what is internetwork? It is defined as the connection of networks that are distinct by a technology commonly use that is the internetwork.

A router is an example of a device that can be used by segments of networks to be connected with each other. Internetwork in illustration is like the connection through internet of commercial, private, public, government or industrial networks. Those who participates in this internetwork uses three kinds to be able to collaborate and work with each other. They use in practice the Internet Protocol (IP). The three kinds of internetworks are Extranet, Intranet and Internet. This is a wonderful webpage for leaking solution company. See this link 祥發公司. They will totally help you.

An extranet has a limited coverage like a one organization only. Intranet generally use tools like file transfer app and web browser that is controlled by one single administrative. They can restrict the access only to authorized persons that use it. Lastly the internet has a global coverage that can connect the government, public or academic networks. I hope this post has helped you.