Network classification guide: according to scale

We have written an article about the network classifications according to connection method. In this article we will see also the network classification according to scale as I have promised. As we love everything about information technology then we want to share what we have also learned that includes the basic things. As the basic is important to have a good foundation and be able to build a strong knowledge and ability.

The classification of network according to scale is Storage Area Network (SAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and others. We will see about these four one by one. In these types of networks the use level of trust and access granted differ in each kind of network. The first kind is a Local Area Network (LAN) that is for a small area like one building only that includes school, home, office or one airport. In any case of your travel purposes, having your visa to be process in here is something that will gonna help you. Just click now and find the best agency to guide you. Many already try to process their visa trip here and they never fail to help them effectively.

Next is Wide Area Network (WAN) that is lesser in data transfer compared to LAN. It is broader in coverage or access like in a city or region. This kind of network uses links and routers. The common example of this kind of network is the web. Next is the Storage Area Network (SAN) that should use storage devices like disk array in server. Last is the Virtual Private Network (VPN) that carries links by using virtual connections instead of physical wires. You can connect from this agency to process your visa and see photo here. Check this china visa company online services. This will be a big help for you.