The Internet of all things


Hi guys, being aware of numerous advance technology is not an easy task but fortunately during the next few minutes you will obtain crucial information one of the biggest upcoming revolutions the web 3.0 as well as great tips on how to be aware on the newest upcoming technology. But, what this web nonsense have to do with me? You might ask yourself. Well, you would actually be surprised. Just take a look around you’ll be able to find a computer, a tablet or a smartphone besides you or even all of them.

Just tell me what will you do if all your Facebook information gets lost, or if somebody steals your email password, normally people would go crazy. Current information is not just a bunch of bits and it’s actually becoming an extension of ourselves. So what is the web 3.0 the web 3.0? These are the upcoming web revolution, the Semantic web, a personalizable place with intelligence search and behavioral advertisements where contents are generated  by machines  rather than by humans.

Whereas, virtual items or information become more valuable than physical items. Does that mean the web is evolving? Exactly! Remember, many years ago when google was just launched, youtube was just coming out and msn messenger used to be the thing. Those were the first part of the first web generation or web 1.0. The web then began to evolve into much more dynamic web technologies, like RSS and xml started coming up content. Through this, we could understand that the line of internet technology is growing faster and faster than usual.