Network classification guide: according to connection method

Let us understand and learn more about networks. Network can be classified in categories that can better well define it.  In this part of the article it was the category according to connection method. In another article let us see the classification according to scale. Let us see then the classification according to the connection method. Classification was base on software and hardware technology they use to connect with each other devices in the network. These are Ethernet, Wireless LAN and wired ones.

Let us see the first which is Ethernet. In Ethernet physical wiring that can be optical fiber cables or the copper type of cable to have connection to devices and to let other devices be ready like switches, hubs and bridges. The transmission tool of this kind of device is infrared signals or they can be radio waves. Next are the wired technologies that can be sub classified into twisted pair kind of wire and fiber optic cables.  The twisted pair wire cable is the commonly used as a way of communication.

Last classification is the wireless technology that has four sub categories. First is the communication satellite which uses microwave radio for communication and sent back to the earth. They are commonly in the high buildings on the top, hills, towers and mountain at the peak. Next is terrestrial microwave, wireless LAN and Bluetooth. I will find more info and post in the next article.