What is the Fastest Cable in our Time?


Do you want to know who has the fastest internet speed? Cable or DSL or Fiber? Your internet is one of these three, because no one use dial up any more. They do the same thing which is to provide you internet access  but they have their own advantage and disadvantages. Cable internet is a type of connection that transmits data  through a cable television network to a coaxial cable  while cable is a generally faster than dsl. Its primary disadvantage is that you are sharing bandwidth with neighbors who are using the same cable line. So during peak times where a lot of people are online, your speed is going to slow down considerably. But on the upside, cable internet speeds are not affected  by how far you are  from your ISP or Internet service provider.


DSL stands or digital subscriber line is a type of connection that transmits data over a telephone network through a telephone cable. DSL is the most popular connection in the world. Over sixty percent of broadband connection are DSL. Unlike in cable DSL, bandwidth is not shared but on the downside, DSL internet speeds are affected by how far you are from your ISP. So the farther you are, the slower your speeds. There are two types of DSL connection, asymmetric and symmetric. Asymmetric offers higher download speeds than upload speeds while symmetric offers equal download speeds and upload speeds. Fiber optic has the fastest internet speed cable in the world. It is the future of data transmission. Data is transmitted through a plastic or through a glass wires. As light waves. Fiber optic offers the most potential for high speed internet access.